Control Freq | Help Centre: SOLO1-3G 1-way GSM intercom door entry system with inbult user access control

SOLO-4G | GSM Intercom [1, 2 or 4 way door entry]



Configuration can be done by SMS or web.
We recommend the smartphone app (ControlFreqUK) or web browser methods for easier ongoing system management.

QUICK START (SMS configuration)

Firstly, send an SMS to the SIM card phone number to check the signal quality to check the device is communicating.

Send this SMS:
> Request signal quality

Is also indicated by the BLUE LED flashing 1 - 5 times. If the RED LED is on there will be no communication. The RED must be off and blue flashing for communication to happen.


If the LED are correct but there are still no comms check the SIM card is inserted with the two square corners inserted first (ie: cut off corner pointing outwards). Only put the SIM in with the power off. If there is still no comms, check your SIM card is functional in a phone or contact your provider. PAYG SIM need to be used in a phone to register on the network before inserting in the device.


Then, send these commands by SMS to the SIM phone number in the device to set up the calling:

Call 1 number only
;+ATN1=xxxxxxxxxxx; Set phone number for single button to call

Call multiple numbers (up to 5)


To control relay 1 - during intercom call: press '11'
To control relay 2 - during intercom call: press '21'


Send these commands by SMS from an authorised phone (open to all by default) to receive an SMS reply with the requested information.

Get signal strength
> Replies with the device mobile signal at that time

> Replies with the device IMEI (unique hardware identifier)

Check firmware version
> Replies with the current device firmware version

Get/set Internet settings
> Replies with currently set internet (APN) settings

Get current output status
> Replies with the state of the relay outputs

Get input SMS labels
> Replies with the labels set on input notification SMS

Get intercom numbers
> Replies with the call button settings

Check Caller-ID users
> Replies with range (x,y) of caller-id numbers ie: 1,5 returns the first 5 users - 5,5 returns only user 5


Firstly, register a profile using the link above. The system is free for configuration but can be used as an ongoing management tool on the paid plans. Paid plans are detailed here.

How to add the device to the Cloud app

1. Add new device (+)
2. Give the device a name
3. Enter SIM phone number
4. Choose network from dropdown
5. Ignore IMEI (Click 'fix IMEI' when prompted)
6. Wait for the database to be created
7. Click on the added device to enter the configuration screen
8. The various settings are separated by tabs, intercom, caller-id, PIN codes, outputs etc.
9. Make changes (click the save 'tick' to the RHS if there is one)
10. Send to device (changelog top right corner)


1. Raise support ticket on the help centre here
2. Call 0203 478 0786 (only after raising support ticket)

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