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OCTOCOM-2G | GSM Auto-Dialler [8 alarm inputs]


OCTOCOM calls or texts up to 3 users if any or all of the 8 alarm inputs are connected to GND. 

The inputs S1 to S8 connected to GND will trigger the alarm for that input/s.


Follow these steps to start:
  1. Plug in the multi-colour ribbon cable
  2. Connect the RST wire to GND wire
  3. Connect the red wire [POSITIVE] from 12V Power supply
  4. Connect the black wire [GND] from 12V Power supply
  5. Power on
  6. The MCU LED will start to blink
  7. GSM LED start to blink with fast flash around two times per second
  8. When connected to the GSM network, GSM LED will start to blink with slow flash once per second

The unit is now ready for remote SMS programming.

TIP: See troubleshooting if the above does not happen.


Program phone numbers into device to receive Alarm SMS or call:

NOTE: Maximum 3 User phone numbers.

  1. Program the numbers to receive the Alarm by SMS


  2. Program the numbers to receive Alarm by Phone Call


NOTE: If you only want to setup 1 or 2 numbers, example:

@#07796176346#07796176347 or @#07796176346

&#07796176346#07796176347 or &#07796176346


TIP: You can edit the label associated with each alarm input to receive customised SMS alerts

STEP 1: Preset the SMS Text sent when each input is activated. If you're only using one input set that input label only.

#1# Intruder Alarm Home

#2# Back door open

#3# Pump fail

#4# High level Alarm

#5# Alarm input 5

#6# Alarm input 6

#7# Alarm input 7

#8# Alarm input 8

STEP 2: Preset the SMS Text when ALL alarm inputs are no longer active

When all alarm input are back to normal state (ie: deactivated) this alarm text will send.

#0# All alarms restored


TIP: Send one of these messages to select the required working mode

%#M1 Only SMS alarm

%#M2 Only Phone call alarm

%#M3 SMS + phone call alarm



How to Reset OCTOCOM

Connect RST to GND and then send SMS command RESET - After RESET, it will restore back to factory default. The device will be in the Only SMS alarm report Mode (M1 mode)

What is the use of the RST line input?

RST line is used to program the device or RESET the device.

For remote SMS programming of OCTOCOM, connect RST to GND, and then start to send SMS commands to program. Leave RST to GND connected permanently if you want remote programming active or disconnect RST from GND to disable remote programming. We recommend leaving it connected for convenience.

Why does the GSM LED always flash quickly?

(1) SIM card in the device must support the GSM (2G) network

(2) Try to push the SIM card out and push it into the slot to test again

(3) Try to change another SIM card from other SIM card provider to test again

(4) If you still can’t get a network connection, try optional antenna or different network

If one alarm input is active and another input is triggered, what will happen?

Device will send the both or all alarms. If 8 inputs are active 8 alarms will send.

What is the maximum length of the alarm SMS text label?

The maximum text length is 10 characters

Why does the MCU LED stay solid after power on?

If there is no SIM card inside, the MCU LED will stay on to indicate error status.

How do I disable OCTOCOM temporarily?

Use one of the (3) alarm phone numbers to call the device SIM phone number and hang up after one ring back tone to disable for 1 minute.

Hang up after three rings alarm will be disabled for 10 minutes. Hang up after five rings to disable for 60 minutes.